Cookies policy

Cookies policy

Processing of personal data and Gold Crowdfunding Plus’s cookie policy

Gold Crowdfunding Plus Privacy Statement

Last update: August 2019

Gold Crowdfunding Plus attaches the greatest importance to the confidentiality of the information provided by its Users. This privacy statement covers not only the processing of personal data by Gold Crowdfunding Plus (2), but also the way Gold

Crowdfunding Plus processes them using cookies (3).

Users will have access to detailed information relating to Project Developers’ projects such as: project description, business plan, amount of funds sought.

All information relating to the Project Developers must be considered and treated as

confidential as long as this information has not fallen into the public domain.

Users undertake not to disclose all or part of the confidential information to third parties and not to use it for any purpose other than to study the opportunity to invest in the Projects of the Project Developers.

This declaration applies to interactions between Gold Crowdfunding Plus and any User, as well as to Gold Crowdfunding Plus partners.

Processing of personal data
The collection of personal data
The data collected and processed by Gold Crowdfunding Plus are those that Users voluntarily transmit via registration forms.

The data collected for a User concerns at least, the family name, the first name, a valid e-mail address (which will be used as an identifier when connecting to the Site), the choice of a password. This data is collected when using the section :

“registration form”.

This data collection takes place when the User:

create an account,
makes a donation,
navigates the Site and consults projects,
writes a comment or opinion on an article,
shares an opinion through social networks from the project sheet,
subscribes to the Newsletters or alerts offered by Gold Crowdfunding Plus.

Gold Crowdfunding Plus keeps personal data for a period not exceeding five years.


The use of personal data

The data collected is intended for the use of Gold Crowdfunding Plus. They are necessary for the processing and management of the User’s subscriptions. They also allow Gold Crowdfunding Plus to provide the User with personalized services and to improve the relevance of the information offered to the User.

Gold Crowdfunding Plus collects personal data for the following purposes:

to carry out the transactions desired by the Users;
to improve and develop the services offered;
to make recommendations;
to address targeted advertising and marketing communications to Users.

Gold Crowdfunding Plus also uses the data to carry out its activities, in particular to analyse its performance, comply with its legal obligations and develop its working methods.

Sharing of personal data

Gold Crowdfunding Plus is responsible for processing the data collected. These may be transmitted to Companies and subcontractors used by Gold Crowdfunding Plus to execute subscriptions and services offered (payment service providers, communication tool providers: sms, emails, social networks).

These service providers are carefully selected by Gold Crowdfunding Plus and comply with current regulations. Gold Crowdfunding Plus and the service providers accessing the collected data do not allow themselves to resell data to third parties.

In addition, Gold Crowdfunding Plus reserves the right to use the User’s IP address in cooperation with its Internet service provider to identify the User if it deems it necessary to enforce its General Terms of Use or to protect its services, Users or at the request of judicial authorities.

The management of personal data

The User decides which personal data he/she wishes to share. When Gold Crowdfunding Plus asks the User to provide personal data, the User is free to refuse. However, if the User decides not to provide the required data that allows Gold Crowdfunding Plus to provide a service to the User, the User will not be able to use the functionality in question.

In other words, the User may at any time access his or her personal information or may request its correction, addition, clarification, updating or deletion by logging into his or her User account or by contacting Gold Crowdfunding Plus at the following email:

The User, through the parameters of his profile, has the following means to control his personal data and exercise his rights in terms of data protection:

– accept or not advertising by Gold Crowdfunding Plus focused on his or her interests;

– choose whether or not to receive promotional emails, SMS messages, phone calls and regular mail from Gold Crowdfunding Plus;

– whether or not to subscribe to the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Newsletter and push notifications in order to be informed at regular intervals of the offers offered on the Website.

In addition, any User may submit a testimonial or opinion on the Site for a project in which he has subscribed and share his experience. The testimonies or opinions published are publicly accessible and available on the Site at any time. The User authorizes Gold Crowdfunding Plus to publish and communicate on the Site his testimony. The testimony or notice shall not

constitute a message of a defamatory, abusive, criminal, vulgar, slanderous nature towards third parties, natural or legal persons, racist, inciting discrimination, damaging the honour/reputation of others, violent or pornographic, and more generally, not in accordance with the legislation in force. As such, Gold Crowdfunding Plus reserves the right to remove any notice or testimony that does not comply with the above provisions.


Cookies and similar technologies

Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a small text file that is placed or stored on a User’s device (smartphone, tablet or computer) when the User browses a Website.

The cookie allows Gold Crowdfunding Plus:

to recognize the User when connecting to his Site,
to improve the navigation from page to page on its Site,
to provide secure connections and
to remember the preferences of Users during their next visits to its Site.
Other similar technologies such as pixels, web beacons or tags, may also be used on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site in order to count the number of visitors on a page, measure and improve the effectiveness of certain ads.

Usefulness and diversity of cookies

Cookies issued on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site are used to recognize the User’s terminal when he connects to it in order to:

to optimize the presentation of the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site to the display preferences of the User’s terminal or to the choices of languages or currencies, during visits according to the display or reading hardware and software included in the terminal or according to its geographical area;
to allow him to access reserved and personal areas on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site and to remain connected to these areas;
to store information relating to a form filled in by’User on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site;
to establish statistics and volumes of visits and use of the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site;
to implement security measures (for example, ask the User to log in again after a certain period of inactivity on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site);
to adapt advertising campaigns to the User’s interests according to the User’s navigation on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site.

In addition, Gold Crowdfunding Plus uses different types of cookies, which are available as follows:

strictly necessary cookies: these cookies allow the User to browse the Site and are essential for the proper functioning of the Site. Disabling them will cause difficulties in using the Site and will prevent access to certain features.
Functional cookies: these cookies allow the User’s preferences and choices to be memorized in order to personalize their experience on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site.
performance and statistical cookies: these cookies collect information on how Users use the Site (number of visits, number of pages viewed, visitor activity) via the Google Analytics analysis tool. These cookies also allow Gold Crowdfunding Plus to identify and resolve problems with the operation of its Site and to improve it.
Advertising cookies: these cookies record information in order to send Users personalized advertisements adapted to their interests. These cookies also help to track advertising space activity and measure audience. For example, cookies related to targeted advertising operations, social network trackers generated by social network sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Instagram (Social plugins). These buttons are activated as soon as the User clicks on them.
In this respect, Gold Crowdfunding Plus does not manage data collected by social networks via sharing buttons. The User should read the policy on the protection of personal data published by the social networks concerned in order to know how the data collected by them are processed and used as well as the possibilities of settings at his disposal to protect his privacy.
Partner cookies: these cookies placed on the User’s terminal by Partner Companies identify the Projects consulted on the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site and collect navigation data in order to personalize the advertising offer addressed to the User outside the Site.

In addition, it should be noted that each type of cookie has its own storage period:

session cookies only last for the duration of a browsing session, i.e. from the User’s arrival on the Site until the closure of his Internet browser.
permanent cookies revive the file beyond the initial session. It is then the User’s responsibility to configure his browser to prevent this situation.
persistent cookies have a maximum lifetime of three days.

Cookie management

The User may at any time refuse the use of cookies or, after having given his consent, withdraw partially or totally this consent recorded on his terminal. To do this, simply select the appropriate settings in your browser. However, this deactivation will prevent access to certain features of the Site that allow you to customize the services offered by Gold Crowdfunding Plus.

If the User refuses to deposit or read cookies or deletes cookies that have been deposited on his or her device, the normal functioning of the Gold Crowdfunding Plus Site may be impaired. This could be the case if the User tries to access his account, which requires identifying himself and allowing him to stay connected by browsing from page to page. This could include

also be the case when Gold Crowdfunding Plus or one of its service providers cannot recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by the User’s terminal, its language and display settings or the country from which its terminal appears to be connected to the Internet. If necessary, Gold Crowdfunding Plus declines any responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of its Site resulting from the impossibility for the latter to record or consult the cookies necessary for the functioning of its Site and that the User has refused or deleted.

This being said, any User may at any time express and modify his wishes in terms of cookies, by the means described below:

by modifying the settings of his profile account
by contacting Gold Crowdfunding Plus at the following email:
If the User accepts the deposit and reading of cookies on his device, the cookies integrated in the pages and contents he has consulted may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on his device. They will be readable only by their transmitter.