What is Crowdfunding

The realization of your projects has never been easier! You have a personal, associative or charitable project to finance. You are looking for an alternative solution to traditional financing channels. Our participative financing platform, based on donations without counterpart, can allow you to raise funds for all types of projects.

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Déjà plusieurs projets enregistré en cours de financement


I am diabetic and my case requires a lot of care. I am dependent on my regular daily bites to survive. In addition, my retirement pension will be insufficient soon. I have to find an additional source of income to pay my bills and live decently. So, I rely heavily on this crowdfunding to be […]


More and more people are idle.My project is to be able to offer them entertainment, travel, repairs to their homes often in a sorry state.I see children starting their lives with dreams they can not achieve, I would like to offer them.


My wish is that my daughter, when she reaches her majority, and in order to choose the right path to her Active Life, can take a sabbatical year at the end of her schooling to do a dozen “missions” chosen from an established list, to discover activities, professions, Countries and Population, which will allow him […]


CONDITIONS TO BECOME A PERMANENT MEMBER: 1- Presenting a project that has been funded. 2- Have completed a funded project. 3- To submit a request to the Administration to become a Permanent Member. 4- Make a commitment to fund a $ 35 Bitcoin share in one hundred (100) projects for which the platform would solicit […]


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You are the actors/voicespeakers / spearheads of GCP

As a participatory financing platform, the more we are, the more we maximize the chances of financing projects. In other words, you will benefit from letting us know! And all means are good to achieve this; as soon as you register on our platform, do not hesitate, afterwards to : – Let us know to […]

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Bitcoin: the first choice payment method

The Bitcoin: A currency of the future. A secure cryptomy A facilitator of transactions between bank accounts. Operational throughout the world, at low cost and within a time frame that defies all competition. Provides visibility on the evolution of its financial situation at any time.

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Legal notice: « Gold Crowdfunding Plus is a trading name of Nouvel’A.I.R. Limited. Registered with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. Company number 647588. From all the crowdfunding platforms, we are innovative with the creation of a community of projects holders/donors, as well as the concept of “sequenced payment”, and the use of cryptocurrency, in this case “bitcoin”. […]

For all inquiries, please write to Email: info@goldcrowdfundingplus.com