Who are we?

Who are we?

From all the crowdfunding platforms, we are innovative with the creation of a community of projects holders/donors, as well as the concept of “sequenced payment”, and the use of cryptocurrency, in this case “bitcoin”.

Joining us is like entering a Gold Crowdfunding Plus.

You are a great community with us.
With us, your project will be completed since you will receive full funding for the cost of your project.
Our objective is to enable those who have talents, skills, who are creative but who do not have the financial means to realize their dreams, visions, projects, to obtain the funding to realize them.

There is a ceiling on the amount of projects we finance in order to allow all those who wish to do so, but who have not succeeded with the traditional banking financing system, to make their dreams come true with Gold Crowdfunding Plus.

We want to make our platform one of the most pragmatic and effective.