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You are the actors/voicespeakers / spearheads of GCP

As a participatory financing platform, the more we are, the more we maximize the chances of financing projects. In other words, you will benefit from letting us know! And all means are good to achieve this; as soon as you register on our platform, do not hesitate, afterwards to : – Let us know to […]


Legal notice: « Gold Crowdfunding Plus is a trading name of Nouvel’A.I.R. Limited. Registered with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. Company number 647588. From all the crowdfunding platforms, we are innovative with the creation of a community of projects holders/donors, as well as the concept of “sequenced payment”, and the use of cryptocurrency, in this case “bitcoin”. […]

The conditions for obtaining its financing

Once registered on the platform, your status as a project leader is effective Your project is studied within 2 weeks to verify its reliability. Once your project is approved, you are able to receive regular donations. The revolution with us lies in the fact that we proceed with the sequenced payment, which allows you to […]